Relevant Experience

Port and Intermodal Planning and Operational Analysis

Mr. Zachary has been the primary port planner for over 250 global container and rail intermodal terminals. He also has been the principal consultant for marine and intermodal terminal capacity analysis on seven projects for non-container cargoes. His projects represent over 24 million TEUs in new terminal capacity and over $7 Billion (USD) in full development costs. As of late 2021, he is currently performing technical oversight on four marine terminals as the financial investor’s technical advisor.

Port of Quebec

Mr. Zachary completed a full feasibility analysis for the Port of Quebec’s Beauport Container Terminal. The Port required a full analysis, including a market study, cargo forecasting, operational modeling and capacity analysis, inland rail analysis and cost estimates for the development of a 1.5 million TEU container terminal. Unfortunately, while the terminal made huge financial and economic sense, the Provincial politics of Quebec killed the project.

Port of Long Beach Land Use Plan

Mr. Zachary completed a major study for the Port of Long Beach as part of the Port’s updating of the Land Use Plan. Mr. Zachary was responsible for the land use planning, based on current technologies and market capture, for all non-container cargoes at the port. A critical component of the study was the development of a terminal capacity model for the Port's use. Mr. Zachary is currently involved in several updates to this study.

APM Terminals

Mr. Zachary led a team of planners which developed conceptual plans for a 2 million TEU, semi-automated greenfield terminal in North America for APMT. Study was extremely short fused (less than 6 weeks) and included an in-depth capacity modeling analysis, CapEx cost estimate, OpEx estimate and equipment and labor staffing estimates.

Financial and Investment Oversight for Clients

Mr. Zachary served as a Principal Consultant with Advisian, the consulting services arm of the Worley Group. Worley served as Owner's Engineer for several banking and investment firms providing financial backing to container terminal and rail intermodal terminal development throughout the world. He has accomplished due diligence studies for 38 container, auto, intermodal rail terminals and the research and analysis of the sale or restructuring of four marine terminal operators. 

Container Capacity Improvement Project; Port of Vancouver, BC Canada

Served as the Project Manager to the Port of Vancouver for the planning, design and construction of the Deltaport Terminal Road and Rail Improvement project (DTRRIP) which consists of road, rail and container yard improvements required to increase capacity of the Deltaport Terminal by 600,000 TEUs (to over 2 million TEUs). As part of the Port’s effort to increase the container handling capacity for Canada’s largest container terminal complex, Mike was responsible for the coordination and delivery of the DTRRIP project and supporting the Port’s effort for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2, a multi-berth container terminal with potential capacity of 2.4 million TEUs.

US Maritime Administration (MARAD) Analysis of Impacts of the Expansion of the Panama Canal to US Ports

Mike was engaged as the primary consultant for the project regarding port and inland supply chain distribution capabilities based on planned and existing port and rail infrastructure, shipper’s strategic distribution
and sourcing patterns and mega-region planning for transportation corridors. Responsible for supply chain survey of more than 100 shippers, carriers and port authorities to determine the decision criteria for routing and port selection.

Significant Projects performed under Mr. Zachary’s direct leadership and management 

Marine Terminals and Operators

  • Technical Advisor for new container terminal in Indonesia
  • APM Terminals feasibility analysis for major greenfield terminal in North America
  • Technical advisor for Confidential Container Terminal Investment firm.
  • Puerto Antioquia (Colombia)*- Lender’s engineer for container operations and design 
  • Port consultant for new “pit to port” bulk material supply chain, including design of new bulk terminal and inland rail transportation in northern Brazil.
  • Confidential Automotive Terminal Operator- eight terminals in North America
  • Contecon Manzanillo Container Terminal (Mexico)*- Terminal design oversight and operations analysis 
  • Confidential Railroad and Marine Terminal Operator North America- 9 marine terminals
  • NYK Terminals (Ceres/Yusen terminals), Ports of Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle
  • American President Lines (Eagle Marine terminals), Ports of Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle
  • Maersk Lines (APM Terminals), Ports of Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma, Miami, Everglades, New York/New Jersey
  • Maher Terminals, Ports of Prince Rupert, New York/New Jersey and Miami
  • SSA Marine, Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle and Davisville, RI
  • Ports America- Ports of Tacoma (Evergreen), Oakland, Long Beach
  • Totem Ocean Express/Horizon Lines, Ports of Tacoma and Anchorage, AK

Port Authorities and Maritime Agencies

  • Port of Long Beach Transportation Plan (2019-2022)*
  • Port planner for alternative energy analysis for major Australian Port Authority.
  • Quebec Port Authority’s New Container Terminal and Intermodal Yard*
  • Port of Portland Terminal 6 Business Case Analysis
  • Port of Long Beach Land Use Plan 2018 Update
  • Empresa Portuaria San Antonio, Chile- Intermodal Corridor study
  • PLIPDECO (Trinidad)- Conceptual Planning, Tariff Analysis, Operational Audit and Operational Benchmarking Consulting, Preliminary Engineering
  • Government of the Bahamas, Exuma Port Development
  • Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on U.S. Ports and Inland Infrastructure, U.S. Maritime Administration
  • Port of Tacoma Cargo Facilities Development
  • Port Metro Vancouver Container Capacity Expansion Program
  • Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach 2020 Operations, Facilities and Infrastructure Plan (planning, analysis) Halifax Port Corporation - two terminals, rail intermodal yard
  • Port of New York & New Jersey - four terminals, two Intermodal rail yards (including the Port’s ExpressRail IY), road and rail access; Freight Mobility and Infrastructure Plan
  • Delaware River Port Authority (includes the Philadelphia Regional Port authority and the South Jersey Port Corporation) - four terminals, two IY’s, road and rail access
  • Maryland Port Authority (Port of Baltimore) - eight terminals (Dundalk and Seagirt marine complexes); wharf design, Seagirt IY, road and rail access (plus Auto terminal)
  • Virginia Port Authority - eight terminals, three IY’s, road and rail access
  • South Carolina Port Authority (Port of Charleston) - two terminals, one IY, road and rail access
  • Georgia Port Authority (Port of Savannah) - one terminal, one IY, road and rail access
  • Jacksonville Port Authority - two terminals, three IY’s, road and rail access
  • Port of Miami - five terminals, two IY’s, road and rail access
  • Port of Oakland - six terminals, one IY, two rail yards, four private industrial terminals, road and rail access

Rail and Intermodal Facilities 

  • Analysis of relocation of Albina Union Pacific Railyard, Portland, OR*
  • Port of Quebec Rail Access and Operations Study
  • Upland Intermodal Yard, Delta, BC
  • Union Pacific Railroad Intermodal facilities in Chicago (3 facilities), Los Angeles (2 facilities) Seattle, Memphis, Lathrop (CA) and Oakland
  • BNSF Railway Intermodal facilities in Chicago, Jolliet (IL), Memphis, Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Seattle, Richmond (CA)
  • Canadian National Railway Intermodal Facilities in Quebec City, Chicago, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Prince Rupert and Toronto
  • Canadian Pacific Railroad Intermodal and Operating Facilities in Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto
  • Florida East Coast Railway Intermodal Facilities in Miami and Jacksonville
  • On-dock or near-dock marine terminal intermodal yards in the Ports of Miami, Jacksonville, Charleston, Georgia, Norfolk, Baltimore, New York/New Jersey, Halifax, Davisville (RI), Houston, Gulfport (MS), Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver (BC), Quebec and Anchorage

State and Regional Agencies

  • State of Oregon, DOT Freight Profile Study
  • State of Washington, State Rail Plan
  • State of Washington, State Freight Plan
  • Puget Sound Reginal Council, Freight Mobility Plan for 5 county area of Puget Sound
  • Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana (OKI) Metropolitan Planning Organization, Freight profile and commodity flows
  • Spokane Regional Transportation Council, Transportation Visioning Study and Freight Profile
  • State of South Carolina Department of Commerce, Analysis of State's competitiveness for rail, marine and supply chains utilizing State resources.
  • State of Oklahoma, Long Range Intermodal Plan

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